In 2 weeks time I will be paddling  (in a surfski) 80 km over 2 days as part of the Great Glen Way ultra race. The GGR is a 80 km paddle from Fort William to Inverness, in Scotland. It could be the other direction depending on the prevailing winds. The Great Glen Ultra race is part of the SUP endurance races that takes part over the UK. There are 3 events, and this is the last event.

I should be ok, should be

I have seen the Loch Ness in a few states. However, last year on a SUP and surfski trip to Scotland I saw it in the flatest and calmest state ever! A Millpond!

[videopress Q1AJpumr]

I hope that it will either be like this, or there will be one prevailing downwind! Not a side wind that changes direction every 20 minutes!

The GGW race is over 2 days, 40 km each day and starting early. As usual there are some nutters who will be Stand UP Paddleboarding or paddle in an OC / surfski in a oner! 80km. Maybe this could be a future challenge…..

Good Luck to us all!

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